To “pulp-tech” /”diesel-punk”/ vintage-tech fans, this post will either be exciting or old-hat. Enjoy!

For many years I have enjoyed watching The Shadow, a 1994 film based on the proto-superhero from classic radio show and pulp magazines of the 1930’s and 40’s (in particular this, amongst others) While incredibly “pulpy” in style and substance (to the point where it wasn’t widely appreciated by modern audiences, like many similar films (the Rocketeer, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, etc. – I will try to defend those all later), it was relatively historically accurate (at least enough to give it mounds of the vintage flair that the film thrives on). The film also highlights two obscure and mostly obsolete (but once common) pieces of technology and one still very extant one that was before its time.

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Having missed it on the Gregorian calendar (Nov. 30th), I wanted to wish Andrea Palladio, Venetian architect of the Italian Renaissance and author of architectural treatises that are still stocked in any decent sized book store and public library, who counted among his admirers Wren, Inigo Jones, and Jefferson, a happy 500th birthday on the Julian calendar (as best as I can calculate). Given that he was born on Nov 30th old style, we might as well celebrate it again – he’s important enough for that.

If you are unaware of who this great man of the Renaissance was, check it out.