I still have yet to determine the path for this blog, but I figure the stereotypical response to (actually useful) news and random musings might be useful if not a good way to vent it out.

Today, of all the newsmedia, only NPR noted that today is the 50th anniversary of the advent of instant ramen, invented by one Momofuku Ando of Japan. It is with amazingly delightful coincidence that today marks the beginning of the fall semester for a number of American colleges (including my alma mater).

It is yet another day to add to a list of invented observances. However, unlike things such as National Egg Month, instant ramen is not so utterly ubiquitous (though close) and singular in native form that for an individual to pick a single day to recognize what its inventor saw as a food for the masses would not be unreasonable. [I personally tried to taste several varieties as a way testing a means of celebrating – sadly my stomach got uneasy after 4 bowls]

In other news, all media (including NPR, for the sake of citation) seem to report the (surprisingly relevant) random science study that cattle appear to tend to stand naturally polarized along magnetic north-south. This is great news, in that a.) it is a surprisingly universal phenomenon for having not being noticed before, and b.) that it is perfect fodder for amateur and professional mad scientists everywhere, plotting means of using magnets to have various mammals do their bidding.